Hydragenist Mist 100ml


Hydragenist Mist 100ml

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Energizing and oxygenating spray that plumps and hydrates the skin.

Inspired by the aesthetic technique of tissue oxygenation, the Hydra O 2 complex provides deep and lasting hydration and the skin is left fresh and luminous. With a slightly gelled texture, this mist is energizing, oxygenating and plumping, providing instant and effective freshness, hydration and plumping.
A fresh, delicate and feminine perfume that mixes notes of rose water, jasmine and gardenia.



Gelled water

Skin Type:

First wrinkles, all skin types


Anti-aging, plumping, hydration, freshness

How to use :

Apply Lierac Hydragenist Mist in the morning, to clean, dry face skin, before your daily skin care routine. Vaporize with your eyes closed and massage with your fingertips, enhancing product absorption.