Cleansing the face is the first step of the skincare routine and it is essential!


In the morning routine, we are eliminating the excess sebum produced by our skin during the night, the dead cells and cleaning residues that persist from the care applied the night before. In the evening routine, this step works even more specifically: it eliminates the applied products, including sunscreen and make-up, and the impurities accumulated throughout the day, such as dust.

Thus, a wrong cleaning can damage the barrier of our skin, clog pores and even reduce its absorption, making the actives applied in the following steps of the routine not as effective as expected. The products chosen must suit our skin type and our preferences.

For a simple cleaning , we suggest products that clean the skin on the surface and in depth. Here are some options:

For combination skin : Lierac Make-up Remover Cream-Mousse
For dry skin :
Lierac Make-up Remover Micellar Milk
For mature skin: Lierac Make-up Remover Micellar Water 

For dull skin : Sensyses Cleanser Lightening
For reddened skin : Sensyses Cleanser Ros


Double cleaning? We love it, we can't live without!
Double cleansing consists, as the name says, of cleaning the face twice.

In the first step, we use an oil-based cleanser to easily remove makeup, sunscreen, impurities and oil. In the second step, we must use a water-based cleansing product to remove water-soluble impurities.

As it is a more complete method, it should, in our opinion, be part of the night's routine to ensure that everything that doesn't matter is eliminated and the skin is clean and ready for new care and for the regeneration process that takes place naturally while we sleep. Here are our suggestions:

For combination skin: From Green Cleansing Oil    + Osmoclean Gel Nettoyant Purete
For dry skin :
Oceanskin Cleansing Gel + 101 Jelly Joker Low pH Cleansing Gel
For oily skin: From Green Cleansing Oil    + Salises Foaming Cream without Soap
For sensitive skin:   From Green Cleansing Oil
+ 101 Jelly Joker Low pH Cleaning Gel

WE HAVE MORE TIPS, no matter the method you choose!

- Ensure that you can easily and effectively clean all the skin on your face and neck: tie your hair, remove rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

- In the case of rinsing products, do not use hot or cold water. Choose tepid water.

- In the eye contour area, apply specific products for such delicate skin.

May the first step of our skin routine be healthy, pleasant and effective!